Baby shopper

I’ve only just realised the massive potential of shopping with a baby strapped to you. For the last four months I’ve slightly dreaded the process, zooming round shops grabbing whatever seems right at the time constantly worried that the squeaks from the baby time bomb will turn into a full blown screaming. These trips invariably result in an obviously unsuitable mix of clothes (peplum top and skinny jeans anyone) and an extra visit to return them.

Then I turned the baby round in his carrier and with him starring at/guilt-tripping everyone we met the process was transformed, my bags were packed in Tesco, jeans refunded despite being well passed the return deadline, my phone fixed in less than 10 minutes (I think the Apple shop were desperate to move me on) and numerous doors held open. Now I even occasionally get a seat on the train home – although that may be more to do with the swaying and quietly singing to myself.


What do you think?

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