This season I’ll mainly be carrying…





3 bibs, a portable changing mat, a spare cardy and vest, 5 nappies, 3 bottles, milk powder (3 servings), hand sanitiser, 2 dummies, baby wipes, nappy bags, my baby’s “red book”, muslins, and a bag of “stuff” including a dummy fastener, teething gel, 2 nappy creams (though I rarely even use 1), gripe water, infacol, tissues, a digital thermometer and Nurofen sugar free.

The only difference between this and when the baby was tiny is that back then I would have taken 2 spare baby grows and 2 spare vests (and probably needed them all!) and I wouldn’t have needed the Nurofen or teething gel as she’d have been too young. Oh and if I was still breast feeding (I fed her ’til she was 5 weeks) I would have had some lanolin.

What do you think?

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