I’m a sling snooper

If you had asked me a few months ago how many ways there are to carry a baby, my reply would probably have been:

1. In your arms/on your shoulder (while wincing in pain…I have a BIG baby).

2. In the pram/car seat/carrycot.

3. In a Baby Bjorn (or similar).

Oh how wrong I was. Let me tell you about the fourth option.

4. Slings.

Slings are anything from single piece cloth wraps to lovely padded buckle carriers that let you carry your baby’s weight on your hips.

Sounds a bit hippy doesn’t it? You might be thinking “Oh no that’s not for me, I’m normal” or “If they don’t sell them in John Lewis then they’re probably not very good”. I certainly did until I tried one. Now I own a baby wrap (perfect for when they’re small) and a Boba 3G. The latter I’m totally in love with and could go on and on about how brilliant it is. So fast to put on, comfortable for hours, holds James in a lovely seated position, has a clip to hold your bag strap… <drifts off into a sling daydream>…

The trouble is that now if I see someone else with a baby carrier I will stare at them in what i think is a subtle way but probably isn’t to see what they’ve got. I can’t help myself. I think “ooo that’s a lovely print” or “gosh she’s tied that woven wrap well”. I even look out for people looking at me.

I think I’ve joined a cult without knowing.

And in case you’re wondering,  here is my sling.


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