He looks just like his father….

Yesterday I met up with an old friend for coffee, the first thing he said when meeting my son was how much like his father he looked. Now, pushing the baby round the park for the 112th time since he was born (yes I know it’s sad that I’m counting) I’m wondering why it is that this phrase increasingly annoys me.
I may be being over sensitive (quite likely I have been up since 2am) but is there not an undertone of it being an approval that you’ve been faithful to your other half and relief that this isn’t a prince Harry situation. Or is it maybe the frankly slightly Oedipal weirdness of feeding and wiping the bottom of a tiny version of your partner. Or perhaps it’s just that having put in the majority of the effort in growing, giving birth and generally caring for a baby I feel that the least he could do in return is look a tiny bit like me. That said I think my husband is getting just a tiny bit worried that he looks like a baby.


What do you think?

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