My three point new Mum style – clothes, hair and the perfect bag! Sophisticated and comfortable in 10 minutes or less.

photo 21)      Stylish options for a Mum on the go (my staple wardrobe items)

The wrap dress: This is probably my favourite. It is easy to put on, easy to adjust for breastfeeding and super comfy for those days you want to look presentable with little effort. The great thing about wrap dresses is, because they pull in your waist, they are flattering on almost everyone and they provide a level of camouflage over your stomach which is personally my biggest problem area since giving birth. Wrap dresses are a great buy and you can find them almost anywhere. No need to spend a fortune on custom designed nursing tops!

The stretch trouser: Most stores sell trousers with stretch, you will find them in different styles and fabrics.

I personally love the stretch ponte tregging from New Look in the UK

My choice in Canada are the stretch bengaline skinny leg pants from Le Chateau, my favourite store.

Options such a jeggings, treggings and stretch trousers and jeans offer a great alternative to those staple leggings we all have in abundance.

All of these options provide you with on trend style and great comfort. Most of the high street stores in the UK offer an array of style and colour options. If you are a fan of labels but want to avoid the high price tag that go with them, then check out TK Maxx in the UK or Winners in Canada. You’ll always find a great buy!

There are loads of fantastic options out there so go out hunting. I usually walk into the store of choice and ask them to point me in the right direction. Keyword: “stretch”.

Happy shopping!

Helpful Tip: If you’re like me and need to shop with baby in tow, I have found that if I feed Izzie as soon as we arrive at the mall (I use the family facilities for added privacy), then once she is fed and changed, the vibration of being pushed around the mall in her pram puts her to sleep. I can get at least an hour to try on clothes and browse doing it this way. I also make sure that before I shop I have a plan. I know which stores I want to visit and I actually make a mental note of the easiest route around the mall to find them. I find this process maximises my time to shop while Izzie is happy and settled.


 2)      Quick and easy hair styles

Let’s be honest, as a new mom you don’t have time to feed yourself let alone style your hair. I personally would love it if I could even secure 30 minutes each morning all to myself, but I’m lucky if I get 10 minutes before Izzie needs to be fed or entertained. So here are some quick hair cheats I have mastered which mean I don’t leave the house looking like a grizzly bear every morning. They also stop your little one for grabbing onto your hair and pulling/eating those lovely locks!

The messy bun:

1)      Pull your hair up in a pony pulling it through the elastic once;

2)      Before you twist the elastic and pull your hair through again, stick your finger in the middle of your pony and flip it around the elastic. Now pull it through.

3)      Lightly pull the hair at the sides of your head to give you a looser pony look.

Voila! The perfect messy bun.

The pin-up:

1)      Pull the top half of your hair up and twist it up as if you were going to secure it in one of those claws. Now take a few pins and secure it there. Make sure you haven’t pulled your hair too tightly into the twist;

2)      Now separate the hair at the bottom into two sections. Take the first section and twist it up to meet the top section. Secure it with pins;

3)      Now take the second section to meet the top and secure it as well;

4)      If you have long hair like me, you will need to take a few more pins and pin the hanging pieces of your hair down.

Practice with this style to find what works for you in terms of the look you are going for. I usually pin my locks so the hanging pieces fall loosely down from the crown of my head. It’s a great style for any occasion.

The classic pony: This one is a favourite.

1)      Pull your hair up in a pony, leaving a small section out of the elastic;

2)      Take the remaining section and wrap it around the elastic;

3)      Secure it underneath the pony with a pin.

That’s it! You’re ready to rock!

The perfect bun: This one is great for work as well.

1)      You will need either a pre-made hair donut, or you can make one yourself out of an old pair of stockings and some sponge or foam;

2)      Pull your hair into a pony, high or low it’s your choice. Secure it with an elastic;

3)      Pull the pony through the donut;

4)      Once it is pulled all the way through, spread the pony around the donut, be sure to cover the donut evenly so it’s well hidden;

5)      Holding the hair in place, slide another elastic over your hair and the donut;

6)      Then take any hair which is hanging out and tuck it in behind the donut. You can pin it if you need to. I tend to use the pointy end of a thin comb to make sure it is well tucked.

3)      The Nappy (Diaper) Bag:

The nappy bag was probably one of my biggest decisions in terms of items to buy list before having Izzie. I wanted something practical and stylish that looked like a handbag (purse) so I didn’t have to carry two bags around with me everywhere. I looked at a ton of different options and nothing seemed to fit my growing list of criteria.

Storksak:  Storksak is a high end brand of nappy bags, made with great quality materials. They are absolutely everything you could want in a nappy bag. Stylish, sophisticated, well made and spacious. The Storksak has been designed for the modern day Mum on the go and let me tell you, they have thought of everything! I personally opted for the “Olivia” but there are styles to suit everyone. Now, they are not the cheapest, but you should look at them as an investment, they are worth every penny in my opinion. You won’t need to buy another nappy bag ever again! Also, because they look like a handbag, you save money that way too. This for me was my splurge and I am so glad I decided to go with it.

Babymel: If your budget is much stricter and you can’t afford to splurge then Babymel do a great range of nappy bags which offer all the same benefits as the Storksak but are much more budget friendly. In fact, Babymel and Storksak are owned by the same people so you know you will be getting quality no matter what product you choose.

Both brands offer extras with your new bag. My Storksak Olivia (Herringbone) came with a thermal bottle holder, a changing mat and an extra pouch for all my belongings which attaches inside so it is easy to locate fast.

I highly recommend you check out their websites, you won’t be disappointed!


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