Not just our baby

Today my daughter and I went to visit my mother in law, Nanny Helen.  Nanny Helen has recently had a hip replacement and I have to say she seems to be revitalised, despite it being only 2 weeks since the op.  Grandad Trev popped in to see Hannah during his lunch hour, and when we arrived Auntie Chris (Trev’s sister in law) and Cousin Lisa (my husband’s cousin) were also there to give my baby plenty of kisses and cuddles and toys.

This followed a weekend with Grandma Pauline and Grandad Peter (see other post for a mention of the lovely parents who baby sat for us while we went out on an anniversary binge).  Mummy and Daddy didn’t get a look in as Hannah was covered with yet more affection, including from the neighbours, my Mum’s friend Aileen from “up the road” (who came armed with a hand knitted jumper and books for Hannah), and my Dad’s friends from the Isle of Wight.

When Hannah was born we lost count of the things that people sent her and the number of cards we got – some from people we had never met.  My brother lives in Singapore and happened to be in London when she was born – these visits are extremely busy and free time doesn’t exist on those visits.  But he saw her.  Likewise, my sister in law was on a rare visit to London and she spent a whole day with us. And my nephews (also in Singapore) are fascinated by her Hannah means a lot to so many people.

So as I drove home today, whittling away because the baby mirror had fallen down and p***ed off because I was stuck on the M25 for apparently no reason, I smiled because I remembered how many people love our baby, and how happy she makes so many people. And how happy I am because I am the one that gets to take her home and cuddle her, every night.

What do you think?

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