First World Cry Baby

memeHas anyone else noticed that their propensity for bursting into tears has been magnified by having a baby? I feel like my tear-threshold has been lowered to the same level as a 5 year old’s and I’m not the kind of person who likes a) making a scene b) looking like a wuss or c) re-applying mascara, so it’s highly inconvenient!

I know I can’t be alone in crying over The TV advert for Vision Express, but later that same day the menu bar on my laptop disappeared and I didn’t know how to get it back, my solution? To cry about it.

I got stuck on the M25 in bad traffic and my baby started crying and I mean ree-he-he-ally crying and after 20 minutes of singing and shushing, I gave up hope of ever leaving the motorway and just joined in. I thought “I’m going to get stopped by the police and they are going to take her away from me”. The judge sentencing me to jail time would shake their head and say “who takes a baby on the M25?”. But even that mini-meltdown was probably more justified than opening a cupboard door into my face – and crying about it. Or picking up a scorching hot baking tray with my bare hands – and crying about it. I mean come on!

There are babies in hospital right now, there are mothers without two pennies to rub together and I cry about running out of milk (oh, not for my baby – for my coffee!) when it’s raining outside? Or about getting home from the shops and realising I’ve forgotten to buy loo roll? I cried at Wreck It Ralph the other day for goodness sake.
Something had to give, so I decided it should be me. I set up monthly direct debits to GOSH, NSPCCOxfam and WaterAid.
I now feel marginally less guilty about being a First World Princess Cry Baby, so next time I see the opening credits for One Born Every Minute, a person eating by themselves or an old lady with arthritic hands, I’m going to cry my eyes out – loud and proud.

What do you think?

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