Mum Awards

Mum Awards

What I imagine the award ceremony might look like (I’m the one on the far right)

Why is there not an award for being a mum? I mean, I’m not looking for much, just a globally televised ceremony, maybe presided over my a couple of dignitaries and a few Royals (Princess Anne loves that kind of thing), where each woman that has become a mum that year goes up and gets a medal. Mums of Twins can go last and I swear to goodness the applause, whooping and cheering from the mums of single babies in the audience would be deafening. How the <insert your own word here> do you do it twin mums? How? How?

It’s something my husband and I baffle over on a regular basis, one of us will say “Imagine if we had twins…” and the other will say “yeah…” and we will both look into the middle distance and share a reverent moment of silence for all the mums of twins. 



What do you think?

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