A public thank you

Last night me and most of the gorillamums (one of us had the enviable excuse of being in Canada) were are my house watching the Eurovision Song Contest while our other halves looked after the babies. I was rather nervous about this- the usually well-behaved Hannah had been crying all afternoon and I had a sneaky feeling that it would be a prelude to the otherwise baby-free evening. In case you are wondering, my husband wasn’t looking after her because that would have meant that he would have stayed at home and that simply couldn’t happen. We were there to drink wine and laugh at our European Cousins (the contestants, that is- not the Finnish, Swedish and Romanians that are part of our number) and that couldn’t be done properly with a bunch of straight men.

Anyway, I was wrong. She fell asleep 20 minutes in and after that she stayed asleep nearly the whole time. She is, at the moment, gurgling happily away on her playmat while mummy drinks a BIG cup of coffee. Thank you Hannah, you were a star.

What do you think?

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