What to buy a new mum

We thought we’d put together some new mum gift ideas. It’s hard to buy things for new mums when you don’t have kids yourself, or you do but you’ve forgotten what the first few weeks are like!

A copy of your own favourite children’s book
I (or rather Serena) was spoilt with a surprise baby shower, where my friends had all agreed

to buy Serena a copy of their favourite children’s stories from their own childhoods. It was fantastic! They all have notes in the front with who they’re from and a little message, we got everything from Treasure Island to The Flower Fairies!

Nice smelling things for mum
The baby gets loads of presents, but you’re the one with a belly like an empty water balloon who feels like she’s been kicked in the nether regions by a shire horse! I was eternally grateful to one of my sisters in law who bought me some Clarins body oil. I took it in my hospital bag and used it every day after my shower. It was a lovely bit of luxury in the darkness of my paint-peeling hospital cell and the smell will always bring back memories!

Ask other mums
An amazing friend who hasn’t got kids yet canvassed her babied-up mates for “the single best baby thing they had” and gave me my Ewan The Dream Sheep. Anyone who knows me will testify to how much I love it. Brilliant idea by her and I’m eternally grateful to the friend who recommended it to her!

Full body massage
The first few days after I’d had the baby I felt like I’d gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. Every inch of my body ached! My husband bought me a full body massage. He’s such a good egg!

Basic baby stuff you don’t know you need
Scratch mittens, new born hats, blankets, muslins, nappies, white new born baby grows, white vests just some of the things that I had no idea of the volume I’d need! Luckily my best friend’s mum knows just how hopeless I am and pre-emptied it! She got me a huge box full of all those things, along with things like the dummies I swore I would never use (but could have cried with gratitude for after 2 days of having Hungry-Joe clamped to my poor bleeding chimp-nipples like a limpet!) baby wash (swore I’d only use water for the first 17 years of her life but after one explosive pooh/sick combo too far, water just wouldn’t cut it), talc (“not supposed to use it anymore” but when your kid’s got more folds than an origami swan and 5 chins, talc is the only way to stop their pits and neck turning into a hot, dark breeding ground for goodness only knows what!)

Food for the masses
My work sent me an enormous basket of mini baked goods, my initial thought was “great breast milk fodder, I’d better get started now if I’m going to get through this lot before they go off” then the doorbell rang and everyone I know walked in for the next 2 weeks. Luckily I didn’t even have to do so much as pop to the shops because of my huge basket! I kept it on the coffee table, closed the cellophane every night and opened it again the next day when the hoards arrived! It was great!

Dinner for the new parents
Pop a lasagne in the oven and take it with you when you visit. Even if they don’t eat it that night lasagne freezes like a beauty.

The gift of housework
My mother in law ordered us to bed for an hour or two whilst she took the baby and ironed. That was a great day.
My best friend washed up the pots after a day of tea-swigging visitors. I could have kissed her.

What do you think?

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