Baby injuries

I realised this morning during a rare courageous moment of looking at myself in a full length mirror, that I’m covered in injuries, inflicted by my teeny tiny (19lb!) 4 month old baby.
I’ve got scratches on my upper arms (and the inside of my mouth) from her razor-nails. She does this thing where she grabs the skin on my upper arms and digs her nails right in and she’s now discovered that she can put her hands in my mouth. So many fun times to be had in there – she seems to pick the moments when I’ve got no hands free to remove them so she can really get her scratch on.
I’ve got bruises from where I lie her on my knees, facing me and she gets over excited by my rendition of “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” and kicks me right in the boobs (and belly) and jumps on my thighs.
I thought I heard her choking the other day and I swear I’ve never moved so fast in my life, except that I was on a wooden floor wearing socks and as I rounded the corner my feet went one way and the rest of me carried on. Turned out she was just having a cough and I landed a huge bruise on my right butt cheek and elbow.
She’s always got strand or thirty of my hair still grasped in her chubby little fists whenever I put her down.
My back hurts all the time, my hands are so dry and cracked you could strike a match off them, every time I eat a meal, my belly pops right back out to 4 months pregnant again, I’ve got more spare skin than a shar pei.
But weirdly, despite all the above and add to that many many more wrinkles, uncle fester dark circles and hair (and clothes actually) of a bedraggled scarecrow, I don’t care. I’ve never been so comfortable with my own body – whatever state it’s in now, I don’t give two hoots! This bag of bones I drag round with me every day made a human being! When people say “ugh, to be 25 again” I think “no way”. And I wouldn’t – not for anything. Perky and firm be damned – I made a person!


2 thoughts on “Baby injuries

  1. Ha ha! Yes my little one does the same thing with grabbing and digging her nails in my face while telling her “no-no,no-no” lol. I cherish these times. Wouldn’t trade it for the world lol


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