We’re still here!

He was tucked up in bed. We were at a Kate Rusby concert. Our first baby free night out and it was fantastic. And the best part? Realising that we, the we that is a very tight little team who can relax and have fun together, are still here!

I had assumed that when you become a parent you turn into someone different; some sort of waxy, whispy-haired, dullite who discusses the price of porridge in Sainsburys or how the forecaster said it would be raining when in fact it’s just cloudy. But it turns out that for all the conversations about poo and purees and tiredness and teething, you are still there underneath. Ok you do everything with a different sense of perspective, and you seem to be on a nappy-fuelled runaway train hurtling headlong from one day to the next, but you are still there.

Reassuring isn’t it?


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