As I was dancing* round in front of my daughter the other day, singing at the top of my voice to Whitney (the word cacophony comes to mind) I suddenly realised – she is my biggest fan. Yeah my husband thinks I’m alright, my friends agree to see me now and then, my dad and brother kind of like me in an eye rolley “where did this one come from?” kind of way, but Serena, she absolUTELY rates me! She’s a total and utter fangirl where I’m concerned. Everything I do is hilarious, my singing is her favourite entertainment, she stares at me all day and watches everything I do with a face of absolute wonder. Say I’m washing up, I’ll look over at her where she’ll invariably be staring at me, and say “hello!” and she goes into absolute paroxysms of delight! Little arms and legs flailing around, huge grin, looking at me like “go on, do something else!”. I used to look at her when she was teeny and wonder when she’d love me back. Well, it’s happened, and some. She can’t get enough of my material!
I was with one of the other GMs recently who held my baby and when her baby saw what was happening she burst into tears and almost clambered off her dad to get back to mum – she’s only just coming up for 6 months old. When she was finally back in her rightful place and the interloper had been seen off back to her side of the table, she threw her arms around her mum’s neck and held on for dear life with a face like “let’s never be apart again!”.
I mean is there any better feeling than being completely adored? As a mum, you’re the absolute universe to one person. But with awesome power comes awesome responsibility, as Anna said in her last post…I really hope I don’t F this up!

* let’s not get technical, we’re all friends here


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