Sleep deprived mama – How do I put a stop to the Boom, Boom, KABOOM?!

I’ve not had much sleep recently… but not for the reasons you might think. I’m lucky in some ways -my daughter has been sleeping through the night since she was about 3 months and my husband doesn’t snore or toss and turn. The reason for my lack of sleep lies in the boom, boom KABOOM! Every night Izzie goes down at around 9 and for the first 30 minutes she persists in banging her legs down on her mattress. Eventually this stops and she drifts off. This isn’t such an issue because we generally don’t go to bed until a couple hours later so we let her get on with it. It seems to sooth her.

The problem arises when at 3am I am in a beautiful deep sleep until BOOM BOOM KABOOM! I am jolted out of my lovely dreams to the loud bangs coming from my daughters crib. BOOM BOOM KABOOM! I leap from bed waking my husband and knocking over everything in my path. I’m barely awake, you might even say I’m practically sleep walking when I approach Izzie’s crib to find she is sound asleep banging away. It’s as if she is dreaming that she is competing in Olympic hurdles or triple jump!

Now you would think after a few weeks of this I would learn that there is no need to jump to attention at every boom, but come 3am when you hear a boom, you jump.

This nightly routine of Boom, Boom Kaboom has meant that in the past few weeks I am once again walking around like a zombie. Not fun!

Now I’m not complaining because like I said, I recognise how lucky I am that my not yet 6 month old sleeps through the night, but how do I stop the sound of an elephant herd coming from my daughter’s crib every night?!




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