What does your baby say about you?

We all know the phrase “like father like son” (or “like mother like daughter”) and we’ve all seen children who we think are just like their parents. It’s perfectly normal and indeed a bit weird when you see kids who don’t seem to fit in with their family at all. Until I had a baby and started meeting other babies I thought that the similarities were mostly down to environment. Nurture in the nature vs nurture contest. But now that James and his little baby buddies are starting to show their personalities it’s becoming ever clearer that so much of how they are is in-built.

I suppose it stands to reason. I mean, look at the Freuds. All great thinkers, from artists to activists to comedians. Or the Redgraves, so many outstanding actors in one family. You’re not telling me that they all had a helping hand and good fortune to get to where they did. Of course not. Those are some strong genes that have been passed along that have helped to shape their personalities and get them to where they are today. There are loads of families like it.

Now, given that it’s clear that genes play such a pivotal role in determining our character, I can’t help but wonder how much James’ personality is a reflection of me. For instance, I know a baby who is soooo focused on getting up and about, and both of his parents love exercise. Another is very strong-willed and won’t put up with much, well you can imagine how stubborn her mum is. Yet another is such a happy I little fellow, he always trys to smile even when he’s upset, just like his mum! I can hear you saying “ah you’re looking for the traits, it’s all coincidence”. I’ve been saying the same thing to myself. But honestly it’s uncanny. So what does James’ wee personality say about me?

It’s rare to have a chance to see yourself from the outside but here’s an opportunity to glimpse a little bit of my character in him…I hope I’m the good bit!

1 thought on “What does your baby say about you?

  1. My little one looks just like her Dad, yet from time to time I feel a bit spooked when I look at her… I realised that at these times I am looking at myself and it’s really quite freaky! Every week we discover something new that can be attributed to one of us. Sometimes it’s things that don’t even seem like things, like me wanting my feet uncovered in bed or tuning in to noises that other people don’t even hear. They really do hold up a mirror to ourselves…


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