Women are amazing

I am, yet again, watching “One Born Every Minute” (for those who haven’t seen it, this is a British TV programme about women giving birth – very graphic).  Every time I watch it I think “WOW those women and nurses are AMAZING”.  Every time I watch it I cry.  And every time I watch it I think “Did I REALLY do that too”?

I’m so proud of myself for giving birth, and am in awe of every woman that has too.

That is all.

Say my name…

my name is
Chicken, Chicken Pie, Pooch, Poochie, Sweetie, SweetPea, Sweet Peanut, Babba, Babbity, Jabsy, Little Jabs, Little girl, Mamma’s Baby, Princess, Chicky, Chick Pea, Chickadee, Mrs Piggins, Angel, Angel Face, Chubs, Chubby Chops, GooGooBear, Dolly…
My husband and I spent 8 long months arguing, negotiating and selling names to each other to find the perfect one and now she’s here we both call her anything but Serena.
I didn’t think this was a big issue until two things happened. The first was that my cousin recounted conversation she’d had with her 2 year old son:
My cousin: George, do you know what your middle name is?
George: …Porgie?
My cousin: No….what do we say after we say your name?
George: …Pudding and pie?

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