Picking boogers is therapeutic and poos are a thing to be celebrated!

I am someone who appreciates sanitation, I am a self confessed germaphobic (sort of!) and I like clean surfaces and tidy rooms. I DO NOT like disgusting smells or the sight of bodily fluids and the sight of snot makes me sick! If you had met and asked me 6 months ago, this is what you would have heard. Things have changed…

Becoming a mother for the first time really changes you. Like all mothers I now walk around reeking of baby sick, with boogies up my arms and slobber in my hair. I have learned to accept these things as part of life, though I still carry anti-bacterial gel, Tommee Tippee anti-bacterial soother and teat wipes and Boogie Wipes with me everywhere I go!

I now take comfort in cleaning snotty boogies out of Izzie’s nose. After all I want her to feel and be clean. In fact the act of cleaning out my daughter’s nose has become oddly therapeutic (think Mummy monkey picking ticks out of the fur of their young). I feel devastated when I see children with crusty noses and messy faces. I find myself thinking: “If you wouldn’t leave the house looking like that why would you let your child?!?!”

Infant defecation is something I always thought I would struggle with. I hate strong smells and detest the smell of poo most of all! However, rather than feeling sick at the sight and smell of diarrhea and baby sick, I feel sorry for the poor little dear who has just defecated and vomited all over me. Often in my hands, face and hair!  When Izzie poos I want to call in a steel drum band and celebrate! It’s like a triumphant accomplishment each and every time. Never did I think I would be a mother who squealed with glee every time her baby had a poo! And get this… the looser the poo the more excited I become. No constipation here!

I now walk around proudly wearing baby sick and food stained clothes and sporting my new favourite scent “eau de Izzie”! I have actually become grateful for these things because they remind me each day of how lucky I am to be a Mummy.




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