A shop where everything’s £1 (or 99p)


99p store or Poundland – just suck it up and go, no one will see you, no one will care and you will get some real bargains. Here’s some reasons why you should try it…

Your washing machine stinks – you know it, I know it. You’ve noticed it haven’t you? It’s because you switched to non bio detergent when you had the baby. Well no need to faff about putting vinegar in there like some people suggest, just get some 99p or £1 washing machine cleaner from the pound store (it’s £3+ in supermarkets). I’ve just done mine; yes, I know I need to get out more – but at least my washing machine doesn’t stink.

They sell branded baby stuff Johnson’s Huggies and Heinz being just 3 baby examples! They also sell things like feeding bowls, spoons and bibs that don’t really need to be branded. Yesterday I picked up a plastic weaning bib, 3 bowls, 2 forks and 2 spoons in a travel holder, a Disney water filled teether and 2 pots of Heinz baby food (just in case) for a fiver! A fiver!

Their cleaning products are great – not only do they sell all the usual suspects like Flash and MrSheen, they also have things like Oxi (similar to Vanish) that works just as well and is less than a quarter of the price! I got some “Astonish” carpet cleaner yesterday that removed a 4 month old Thai take-out chilli oil stain from my cream carpet that I’d tried everything to remove – and this one did the trick. For 99p!

There is one near everyone, you can’t walk down any high street anymore without tripping over a 99p store or a Poundland. Good lord I’ve just come across an online pound shop whilst finding the store locators – Sorry, I’ve got to go…


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