Give me the food

At the start I tried a few different approaches to weaning. I was quite keen on baby-led as the reasoning makes a lot of sense to me, ie they explore the food more, eat as much as they like, you can give them some of what you’re eating, not to mention how cute it looks when they’re holding a baton of food and gumming it to pieces!

But as it turns out James is a fan of purees. He likes eating quickly, he likes a bowlful of delicious goop and he likes being spoon fed. I really enjoy it too! It’s a lovely next step in our relationship – I trust him to tell me when he’s ready for the next mouthful and when he’s done, and he trusts me to make sure he gets regular meals, interesting food, and to listen to him when he’s full or wants more. It helps a lot that he likes food so much. In fact he eats a bit like Pacman.


(Ok, maybe not quite that quickly but you get the idea.)

Boy does he eat a lot too. At the start we were on those tiny little pots that are no more than a few spoonfuls, then seemingly overnight he wanted loads to eat! (It caught me completely by surprise, to the point where he ate some of another baby’s food when we were out one day because I hadn’t brought enough!) In response, this is what I do every week:

Most of them are straight veg or fruit that I then combine at mealtime, sometimes with some baby rice or porridge. (This usually involves me staring gormlessly at the fridge and trying to remember what he ate the day before!)

I’d like to say I enjoy every second of preparing his meals but that wouldn’t be true. It’s time consuming and fiddly. Oh to think back to the days when a bit of boob every few hours would suffice!

Haha, give it a few months and no doubt I’ll be looking back on all these purees with rose-tinted spectacles too…

Pea, pear, potato…proccoli?

We’re about two months into weaning now, on three meals a day, and boy don’t I know it if any of those meals are late! I’m starting to become organised enough to have a stash of homemade purees in the fridge and freezer (which reminds me that I need to get some out to defrost for tomorrow!) so now comes the next challenge: Variety.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been cooking up lots of different things so far, but he’s mostly had them on their own or mixed with baby rice. I’m sure we’ll both get bored if I carry on down that road so I’ve started combining foods. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities since you can add flavours that you wouldn’t necessarily eat on their own (call me crazy but a whole pot of pureed sweetcorn just doesn’t appeal to me…and imagine the nappies). Yesterday sweet potato, sweetcorn and red pepper went down a treat. Today’s dinner was as follows:

1 part pear puree
2 parts pea puree
2 parts mashed potato
1 part proccoli (ok, broccoli) puree

All that blitzed together gives you something that looks like this:

I thought it was really tasty and a so did little Jim.
James’ verdict: 8/10 yummy!

Now to work out his meals for tomorrow!



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