I’ve become one of THOSE mothers!

I would NEVER give my child a dummy/soother.

I would NEVER feed my child from a jar or pouch.

I would NEVER let my child cry.

I would NEVER let my child leave the house in her sleeper.

I would NEVER leave the house with messy hair and no makeup just because I have a baby.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Prior to having Izzie I had a million preconceived notions of what I would be like as a mother. In my mind it was all wonderful  and I never had a stray hair or a bad day. I was just happy because I was going to have a baby and to do anything wrong would mean I was ungrateful for that gift I was being given and it would mean that I was not a “perfect” mother (inconceivable!). I would find myself walking in public actually judging other mothers in my mind for all the things they were doing “wrong”, I would NEVER become one of THOSE mothers. I was even guilty of doing this with my nearest and dearest and thinking back now the fact that I ever had those judgmental thoughts is really shameful and frankly quite naïve and pathetic.

Becoming a mother for the first time is daunting to say the least. You are on the steepest roller coaster and learning curve of your life and no matter how much advice people give you, ultimately you end up just having to figure it out on your own. You end up doing what works for you and usually those are the things that make life easier – “anything for an easy life” I can hear my husband saying. After all, why complicate matters. Isn’t it about doing the very best for your children and having a lot of fun doing it?!

The thing is, I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. I have had numerous very honest conversations with other new mums who have openly admitted to having been just as judgmental. I’m sure that some of you reading this will be internally acknowledging that this was or still is you. The lesson we ‘judgers’ all need to learn is that being a mum is hard work. Judging each other is so counterproductive. We should be each other’s biggest fans! I’ve never been able to completely understand why we as woman always seem to have an opinion about what others are doing wrong. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a primal instinct in that we are all innately fighting to be the most “perfect” woman, but perhaps it’s a simple as jealousy and envy as so many say it is. Whatever the reason behind this judgmental nature we seem to possess, we really need to work to change it. Why shouldn’t we be each other’s biggest fans?!

Since having Izzie my perspective has definitely changed. I feel I have in fact become enlightened to the trials of motherhood and it’s almost never easy! I have found my mummy friends to be my biggest supporters, I absolutely adore listening to their differing opinions and approaches to every aspect of child rearing. They have helped me to be confident in establishing a routine that works for our family and I know I always have them to bounce ideas off of. I am definitely their biggest fan and I can honestly say that in becoming a mother, I no longer look at another woman and judge her for how she chooses to raise her children. Instead I think about the things she is doing which I should perhaps try. Guess what?!? Sometimes, she’s right! I for one have proudly and quite intentionally become one of THOSE mothers.


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“Don’t tell Daddy” and other things I am deleting from my vocabulary


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I asked this question of my aunty recently. She has 2 teenage kids who have reached the milestone of “being allowed on Facebook”. This is a milestone that just didn’t exist when we were growing up so how are we supposed to know how to manage it? It’s not just Facebook, it’s The Internet as a whole – all their school research is done online, they use laptops in school, they have smartphones…how does she go about even trying to police what, and who, they are being exposed to?

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This season I’ll mainly be carrying…





3 bibs, a portable changing mat, a spare cardy and vest, 5 nappies, 3 bottles, milk powder (3 servings), hand sanitiser, 2 dummies, baby wipes, nappy bags, my baby’s “red book”, muslins, and a bag of “stuff” including a dummy fastener, teething gel, 2 nappy creams (though I rarely even use 1), gripe water, infacol, tissues, a digital thermometer and Nurofen sugar free.

The only difference between this and when the baby was tiny is that back then I would have taken 2 spare baby grows and 2 spare vests (and probably needed them all!) and I wouldn’t have needed the Nurofen or teething gel as she’d have been too young. Oh and if I was still breast feeding (I fed her ’til she was 5 weeks) I would have had some lanolin.