Who knew that 20 minutes at the dentist could feel like a week’s vacation!? (There’s a new boss in town!)

DSCF1151Being a mother has been a dream come true! From the moment Izzie was born I’ve felt like “this is why I am here, to be her mummy”. As a newborn Izzie was amazing, she was so chilled out and relaxed, I felt so lucky. But if there was ever a time for the expression ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’, the time is now.

These days my little angel has become a terror who screams every time I leave the room or walk two feet away. She screams every time I try to hug another person (holding another baby is a horrific crime where Izzie is concerned) and squawks every time I pay attention to something that is not HER.

Oh yes! There’s a new boss in my house and she has me wrapped around all 10 of her fingers and all 10 of her toes. She knows what she wants and how she intends to get it all the while driving mummy insane! 24 hours, 7 days a week, this has become a nightmare. Don’t get me wrong, I love my baby and I am forever grateful for her but as of late, I find myself praying and willing the stormy days of this so called “5th leap” away. Am I the only one who feels this way?!

The other day I had a dentist appointment. If you know me, you know I hate the dentist and I was ever so tempted to cancel. My husband happened to be working from home that day and was happy to keep an eye on the baby while I went to my appointment. So reluctantly, I went.

As I walked out the door into the gorgeous sunlight, towards the evil dentist, the strangest thing happened… my shoulders dropped, my body relaxed and I could hear birds!!! I WAS FREEEEEE!!! All of a sudden I had the time to stop and LITERALLY smell the roses. I had time to walk leisurely and notice my surroundings, grab a coffee and think about what I needed to do for me. I found myself wishing for a lounger and mojito to appear at the side of the road. I mean it’s not the beach but it was sure beginning to feel like a vacation – a girl can dream! But compared to the week I’d had, the 20 minute dentist appointment was a treat! I got to lay on a recliner, under a bright light, wear shades AND fall asleep! I mean, come on how good does that sound right now?!?!

When I finished my appointment I took the leisurely 5 minute walk home, taking the long route (shhhhh!) just to prolong my ‘vacation’ a wee bit. Wow! What a difference 20 minutes can make. As I slowly (VERY VERY SLOWLY) approached my front door, I took one last deep breath of the fresh air and opened the door back in to my reality feeling rejuvenated and alive. I mean who knew 20 minutes at the dentist could feel like a week’s vacation!?

So as much as I love my new ‘boss’, I am reminded that we all need a little holiday every once and awhile, even if it’s just a teeth cleaning.



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The husband and the insufferable ball-breaker

My husband lovingly asked me the other day “darling, I love you, but when did you turn into such an insufferable ball-breaker?” and I admit, I totally have. It’s mainly to do with tidiness – I felt it coming on whilst I was pregnant, I think that was the first time I noticed how messy my husband is. We went on holiday when I was 7 months pregnant – we’d get to a hotel room and I’d turn my back for a second and the room would look like the bags had exploded!
He just sheds everywhere, it’s like he walks through the door and things just drop off him, making a mess. His evening route through the house is as follows: front door – shoes kicked off and left wherever they land, kitchen – contents of pockets including half screwed up receipts, keys, wallet, a few coins and about 3 half finished packs of chewing gum, emptied onto the kitchen counter. Glass of squash made and half drunk (by bed time this will be joined by 5 other half drunk glasses of squash left in various locations around the place). Hallway coat room – suit jacket possibly hung up, possibly draped over the Hoover, bedroom – suit trousers on the bed, socks and belt on the floor. Tshirt pulled from the bottom or middle of the pile (not the top, never the top), rest of tshirts that fell out whilst chosen tshirt was being extracted just shoved back into the wardrobe. Bottoms the same. Bathroom – shirt on the laundry basket (not in). Back to kitchen – yoghurt opened, lid licked and left on the counter…it continues all night. Then we go to bed (with a fresh glass of squash).
Now I love my husband more than anything, he’s my best friend – but seriously, he’s about as tidy as a teenager! And I should know, I used to be just as bad, in his grooms speech he even mentioned the “floordrobe” (my old penchant for leaving my clothes all over the floor). My bedroom as a teenager was horrendous, I used to have spaces on the floor that I used as stepping stones to the bed – my mum just stopped even asking me to tidy it in the end, it was terrible. Now I can’t go to bed without wiping the worktops and arranging the bathroom curtains just so. What the hell has happened to me?
During the “insufferable ball-breaker” conversation, my point was that I don’t want him to come home and ask me the question “what have you been doing all day?” Meaning “less lunchy lunchy more cleany cleany”, so to avoid that, I started cleaning and tidying as soon as he left (starting with the bathroom chaos – I think he must get out of the shower soaking wet and skip round the room, picking up towels randomly and splashing everything in sight).
He ended up hitting the nail on the head. He said it’s because keeping the house is now my job (albeit temporarily) and I’m pretty wholehearted when it comes to work, so I put all my energy into my new job and make sure I do it well. Which, he said, I am. He also said that he pitied my colleagues. I chose to ignore the last part.