Mooching around the shops today while my husband had an eye appointment we were stopped by a granny, a shop assistant and another mum. All of them cooed over James, asked his age/name/preference in foodstuffs, and then turned to him and waited…

What they were waiting for was a response, an appreciation of their appreciation, a little something that said “You’re special. You understand me and I like you.” As I looked on grinning moronically, somehow thinking that if I smile for all I’m worth then my baby will do the same, I saw that little eyebrow twitch, his lips purse, and then a gorgeous smile. Yes! Thank god for that.

Maybe I worry that if he doesn’t smile they’ll think I’m a terrible mother and my baby is unhappy, or that he’s a scary Damien-esque baby who creeps around the house in the dead of night talking to demons, or even that they’ll think he’s rude and arrogant! Whatever it is I am so grateful whenever he smiles back. And to anyone who has been snubbed by my baby, I apologise, we are getting better.

My three point new Mum style – clothes, hair and the perfect bag! Sophisticated and comfortable in 10 minutes or less.

photo 21)      Stylish options for a Mum on the go (my staple wardrobe items)

The wrap dress: This is probably my favourite. It is easy to put on, easy to adjust for breastfeeding and super comfy for those days you want to look presentable with little effort. The great thing about wrap dresses is, because they pull in your waist, they are flattering on almost everyone and they provide a level of camouflage over your stomach which is personally my biggest problem area since giving birth. Wrap dresses are a great buy and you can find them almost anywhere. No need to spend a fortune on custom designed nursing tops!

The stretch trouser: Most stores sell trousers with stretch, you will find them in different styles and fabrics. Continue reading