Spending torture…


My inbox still looks like that of a childless, dual income 20-something and it’s like torture but for some reason I just can’t hit unsubscribe!
The double whammy of suddenly having no income plus buying a house has left me no choice but to go on a shopping starvation diet but yet, like a furtive addict, I continue to read my Secret Sales newsletters and my Shopstyle alerts. Sometimes I even visit the sites and put things in my shopping basket – just for fun. This morning at 5:30am It was a vintage Prada handbag. I didn’t even buy any designer things when I had disposable income!
My days of gallivanting off on weekends away for no reason other than “we had no other plans” are long gone (at least for the next 18 years or so) yet I still look at my Trip Advisor bulletins and Secret Escapes newsletters, lustfully reading about refurbished country house hotels with bathtubs in the bedrooms and Michelin star chefs who’ll make you eggs benedict and deliver it to you in bed. My breakfast this morning was an after dinner mint, an orange Quality Street and a can of Pepsi max*.
Song kick continue to tell me about gigs I might like to go to based on the music on my iTunes, @Rebelbingo still let me know about the latest nights they’re doing, I even had an email recently telling me there was still time to get Glastonbury tickets! I mean Glastonbury with a 4 month old, really. But come to think of it, I would be much more equipped to deal with the day 5 stink of the long-drops now I’ve lived with princess poo-poo for 4 months…

I know it’s sick and wrong to be voyeuristically checking out what’s going on in my old life whilst I’m in my new one, but I just can’t help it. I’ve included links to my biggest temptresses so you can join me. You know you want to…and if you’re wondering, that hotel in the picture is <a href=”http://

20140525-091431-33271685.jpgThe Pig near Bath

* Don’t try this at home


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Mum Porn

I have a secret, guilty pleasure. When my baby’s gone to bed and my husband is out for the evening, I grab my laptop and indulge in a little fantasy…shopping that is. I make myself a disgusting, guilty dinner (like microwave macaroni cheese), I watch disgusting, guilty TV (keeping up with the Kardashians / MTV Cribs) and indulge in a little mum porn online.

So, in the spirit of sharing, here’s my current Mum Porn fantasy list:

NB. I can afford none of this stuff


Individually these clothes aren’t that expensive but together they’re pretty pricey.

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