Not going out

I think my inner mummy bear is coming out.


My poor little guy has been teething like crazy for the past 10 days and we’re finally starting to see some little white tips just under his gums. He’s been crying in pain before going to sleep and I’ve been giving him all sorts of things to help, from painkillers to hocus pocus powder (ok, homeopathic powder) to tons of extra cuddles. It’s been hard going for all of us, but it won’t be forever.

Thing is that it’s making me even more protective over my baby than before. Take tonight, I had the chance to go out on my own and drink cocktails with the girls. I could have had a whole evening baby-free, eating at a leisurely pace, enjoying whole conversations, drinking cocktails! But I couldn’t do it. I knew that little Jim would go to sleep eventually and that my other half could take care of him but I just had to be here. It’s a very strange feeling. Now I know what a paper clip feels like when it gets stuck on a magnet.

The saving grace is that while I can’t tear myself away from him at the moment, I don’t mind at all. It’s down to him that I have a whole new way of life, new people, new places, I’m fitter than I used to be, more confident. I can definitely put up with staying in tonight.

(Note-to-self: I O U one night out drinking cocktails)

The secret to baby sleep…

…stay in the world’s worst hotel. Think stifling heat, other kids’ sick dried onto the travel cot, a fan caked in that weird greasy dust that you have to use otherwise you’ll suffocate, and a nightclub downstairs pounding out bass. Forget your No Cry Sleep Solution, throw out that Controlled Crying manual, Baby Whisperer?? don’t make me laugh. No, all you need to do is to book into this particularly grotty budget hotel on the edge of Derby and your baby who wakes every 1 to 2 hours will sleep for 8 hours straight. Not a murmur.

Don’t believe me? I didn’t believe it either! But it was true. In the 184 days that he’s been alive the longest James has ever slept has been six hours and he’s done that five times. Stupidly part of me was annoyed about the sudden turnaround as I’ve been sleep training him for the last 6 weeks and not had a result as good as this. Ah who cares I’m claiming it as a sleep training victory!