Mooching around the shops today while my husband had an eye appointment we were stopped by a granny, a shop assistant and another mum. All of them cooed over James, asked his age/name/preference in foodstuffs, and then turned to him and waited…

What they were waiting for was a response, an appreciation of their appreciation, a little something that said “You’re special. You understand me and I like you.” As I looked on grinning moronically, somehow thinking that if I smile for all I’m worth then my baby will do the same, I saw that little eyebrow twitch, his lips purse, and then a gorgeous smile. Yes! Thank god for that.

Maybe I worry that if he doesn’t smile they’ll think I’m a terrible mother and my baby is unhappy, or that he’s a scary Damien-esque baby who creeps around the house in the dead of night talking to demons, or even that they’ll think he’s rude and arrogant! Whatever it is I am so grateful whenever he smiles back. And to anyone who has been snubbed by my baby, I apologise, we are getting better.