Teething trauma

I freely admit I’m the salespersons dream, when it comes to trying to relieve a baby of discomfort I will buy almost anything. So when the baby started drooling like a bulldog, stuffing his fists into his mouth and emitting a low grumbling noise I rushed out and got :
teething bears (rubbish he can’t even get them into his mouth), powders (I know this is a Marmite product but it just made my house look like I sold drugs) and a rattle teether which just always ends up on the floor. I still have to do the quick floor cleanliness mental quiz when retrieving and handing back a toy – how long has it been there, when did I last wash it, is there any fluff attached and the key – how angry is the baby. I know, bad mother!
Anyway my point is I think I’ve finally found 3 things that work, at least for this baby.
1. A cold dummy, good for quick relief I now have dummies on rotation, although I always suck it once to make sure it won’t actually stick to the baby!
2. Teething gel – he loves the basic boots stuff that tastes like spearmint.
3. And finally the Gumigem necklace, absolute genius, I love the person who created this. The baby can chew on it to his hearts content, entertains him , looks good and doesn’t fall on the floor. Saw a friend wearing one and am now a convert.
I don’t know how much longer any of these will keep working for so any more tips gratefully received!

This season I’ll mainly be carrying…





3 bibs, a portable changing mat, a spare cardy and vest, 5 nappies, 3 bottles, milk powder (3 servings), hand sanitiser, 2 dummies, baby wipes, nappy bags, my baby’s “red book”, muslins, and a bag of “stuff” including a dummy fastener, teething gel, 2 nappy creams (though I rarely even use 1), gripe water, infacol, tissues, a digital thermometer and Nurofen sugar free.

The only difference between this and when the baby was tiny is that back then I would have taken 2 spare baby grows and 2 spare vests (and probably needed them all!) and I wouldn’t have needed the Nurofen or teething gel as she’d have been too young. Oh and if I was still breast feeding (I fed her ’til she was 5 weeks) I would have had some lanolin.