Your bare breasts are worth more than 30p

A friend of mine posted a link to an article by ex topless model Alex Simwise on the topic of No More Page 3. ( and I was so incensed that had to respond. I Facebook ranted. I never Facebook rant.
I’m so sick of people being afraid to speak out against the every day inequality that we see as clear as day every single day. Let’s not be afraid to speak out, change the TV channel, leave the conversation even roll our eyes when there’s a 6 foot high semi naked woman on the bus shelter next to us advertising a strip joint or when all the female dancers on X factor are in pants whilst the men are fully clothed or a sex scene where a woman is fully displayed and the man is completely hidden…
And for the very very last time no, I’m not jealous. I am the opposite of jealous. I am very happy with my figure, I love, respect and value my body. I’m in great shape, I look after myself but do I want to show it to you in a newspaper? Hell no. Because I respect myself. I respect my husband and my family, but mostly because I am MORE than just my body! I am a person of value. I have breasts and thoughts, ideas, opinions and when I’m in a meeting with ten males I do NOT want them wondering or worse, knowing, what my breasts look like naked! I want them listening to me and valuing my damn opinions. I have depth and feeling, and the irritating thing that Alex’s article proves is SO DOES SHE. Alex, you’re articulate, you’re smart and sassy, you’re educated and opinionated – you can help change the opinion that women are there to be looked at and if they’re no good to look at then they’re no good. Women who hate page 3 and objectification culture in general are NOT “intimidated” or “Germaine Greer reading feminists” they’re not “living a grey and boring life” they’re FIGHTING every single day to be valued and respected for who they are not how they look. Join us Alex, we don’t hate women, completely the opposite.

And for reference here is my Facebook rant.
Her assumption that women who dislike page 3 are “threatened by pictures of pretty girls” is completely missing the point. What women are fighting so hard for (especially at work) is NOT to be seen as “a pretty girl” or “an ugly girl” or anything to do with their looks at all! Some women choose the difficult route (not the getting their boobs out) to make money. She even said it herself- she went to uni but page 3 paid the bills. It takes hard work to become successful and STILL you have to sit there and listen to men discussing one interview candidate’s “melons” compared to “the minger we’re definitely not hiring”. It’s the propagation of women as “nice things to look at” which means on MTV there’s female dancers in knickers while men are fully dressed. It’s why adverts at bus stop on the way to the office show strippers and gentleman’s clubs…then you have to go to work, FULLY DRESSED, and try to be taken seriously. But if you speak out against this ingrained “lad culture” then you’re a “Germane Greer reading feminist who hates other women”? Rubbish. If we ALL just said “F-it, this is too hard” started using our sexuality to get ahead the world would be a horrendous place. If I offer to take my bra off in return for a client agreeing to pay my fees, then the next woman who does business with that guy is going to be expected to do the same and so on. Women considering this career route I beg you, use your brilliant brain, keep your clothes on, do some hard work. It IS possible to do whilst being attractive. I know hundreds of attractive successful women – check my linked in, not a bare boob in sight – and note that not all feminists are ugly and they CERTAINLY don’t hate women. Oh, and sometimes not offering the world your precious, private, naked body on a plate makes you even more attractive. Adding a bit of mystery, makes the moment those boobs are finally released something to look forward to, not something you could pop to your local Co-op and see for 30p.